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AS-4366A/U Antenna System


  • Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 88 MHz

  • VSWR: less than 3.5:1

  • Power Handling: 150 W Average

  • Broadband

  • Extremely rugged and reliable

  • Base mount for placement flexibility

  • High voltage isolation for safety

  • Easy assembly / disassembly

  • NSN: 5985-21-920-0045

Detailed Description

The AS-4366A/U is a general purpose VHF broadband communications antenna system. Ideal for shipboard applications, this antenna system is a base mounted version of the AS-3900A/VRC, featuring rugged construction and rigid mounting of the whip section.

The AS-4366A/U antenna system provides omni-directional, vertically polarized coverage over the 30 to 88 MHz frequency range. It is conservatively rated for 150 Watts of RF input power and exhibits a VSWR of less than 3.5:1 over the entire operating band with reference to a 50 Ohm line impedance. The Input RF connection is made through a single coaxial N-Type connector located centrally on the bottom of the mounting base. The mounting base houses the matching unit and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) protection.

A two-piece, permanently joined fibreglass whip element and a polycarbonate mounting base with a rigid antenna support make up the antenna system's simple two-piece construction. It is approximately 110 inches in height, has an antenna element diameter of less than 1 inch and weighs about 11 pounds.

The antenna system has been designed to meet the vibration and service requirements of MIL-S-901, Type A and MIL-STD-810. Mounting is provided by four 0.453 inch diameter holes (for 3/8 hardware) on a 4.5 inch diameter bolt circle located on the mounting flange at the base of the antenna system.

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