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TVPC TOW Vehicle Power Conditioner


  • Tested to MIL-STD-810 and MIS-35118

  • Modular Design

  • Output Short Circuit Protection

  • Isolated Output Supplies

Typical Applications

  • TOW 1 Missile Guidance Systems

  • TOW 2 Missile Guidance Systems

  • Similar Applications

Purpose and Compatibility

The TOW Vehicle Power Conditioner (TVPC) is capable of operating from input power provided by a vehicle battery system. It is intended to be used as the primary power supply for the TOW 2 weapon system, mounted in either the M113A1 or M115A2 vehicles.

The TVPC is the same size and shape as the TOW battery assembly, NATO Stock No. 6140-00-454-8261. In addition, the TVPC fits into the TOW Missile guidance set in the same manner as the TOW battery assembly.

Isolated Output Supplies

The TVPC converts an input voltage of 10 to 35 volts DC to three isolated output supplies, one at 24 volts DC and two at 50 volts DC:

  • Output 1 is a 24 VDC supply at 5 Amps steady state and up to 24 Amps for 15 ms.

  • Outputs 2 and 3 are each 50 VDC supplies at 1.5 Amps.


The TVPC also contains input reverse polarity protection and an on-off input power switch.

Detailed Description

Quick Reference Data

Dimensions and Mounting Details

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