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VHTS Series - Heater Test Stand


  • Test or troubleshoot 30 different heaters

  • Fuel supply system and electrical control system in one unit

  • Most accessories provided

  • Operated from 24 VDC or 120/240 VAC

  • 50/60 Hz

  • Voltmeter

  • ammeter

  • temperature meter

  • continuity tester

  • and other diagnostic aids provided

Detailed Description

The heater test stand (HTS) is a portable unit enclosed in an aluminum chest assembly. The chest assembly is removed to reveal the actual HTS unit inside.

The HTS was designed to allow convenient operation and troubleshooting of heaters on top of a standard workbench with no permanent mounting required.

The following items are included with the HTS:

  • detachable brackets for mounting any of the heaters listed below

  • complete fuel supply system

  • complete electrical control system


The following diagnostic aids provided are:

  • voltmeter

  • ammeter

  • temperature meter

  • continuity test indicator

  • test meter


The fuel system includes a fuel filter and a fuel tank to contain diesel fuel or JP-8 for use during testing. Some models also contain a fuel pump.

The electrical control system controls the operation of the heater, the fuel pump and the solenoid valve. Operation of the heater using the HTS is identical to operating the heater using the electrical control system in the vehicle.

The HTS is supplied with all heater fuel inlet adapters, fuel lines, cable assemblies and exhaust adapters required for testing the heaters. All ancillary items are stored in either the built-in or removable partitioned trays in the chest assembly.

Operation Requirements:

The operator must provide exhaust disposal facilities which fit the exhaust adapters provided. Any flexible metal tubing attached to these adapters must meet the exhaust requirements of the heater under test.

In order to test the engine coolant heaters, the operator must provide a coolant reservoir filled with the appropriate coolant, the appropriate size inside diameter radiator hoses and clamps for the coolant circuit. A coolant circulation pump may also be required for the test.

To operate the heater, mount the heater on the HTS using the mounting brackets provided. Interconnect the HTS to the heater's fuel and electrical systems and connect the exhaust and coolant systems using the accessories provided. Operate the heater using the same starting procedures found in the heater operator's manual.

Heater Testing Capability

HTS Model

Heater Type

Heater Model Number


Teleflex Canada

HL-10011.A05, HL-10011.11, DBW2020
P/N 825129


Stewart - Warner


Hunter / Global Thermoelectric

MF60A, MF60B, MF60B2, MF510A, MF510B, MF510C
10530A, 10530B, 10560G, 10560C, 10560M, 10560M24B1, 10560M24B2, 939-J24

CP-3050, AP-3050



Stewart - Warner

939J24, 1030-CC-24, 10530A-24, 978MH-24
MF500, MF510
HL-5001.45, W12002.67

Provisions for controlling select ESPAR V7S series heaters are currently being developed

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