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VDB-VHF/UHF-N Dual-Band Antenna


  • Extremely wide bandwidth

  • Performs with or without a ground plane

  • Rugged and reliable design

  • High voltage isolation for safety

  • Easy assembly/Disassembly

Detailed Description

The VDB-VHF/UHF-N is a fixed base, dual-band whip antenna

System designed to provide VHF and UHF communications for

A range of military applications.  It is designed for use with

Today's cutting edge, wide-band, frequency agile radios

And can be used to replace a multiple antenna setup.  The

VDB-VHF/UHF-N boasts a power handling capability of 100

Watts per channel and less than 3.5:1 vswr across the entire Operating band.

The VDB-VHF/UHF-N whip antenna comes in two pieces which

Easily thread together to create a dipole-style antenna

System with integral matching networks, all housed within

Fibreglass envelopes. The lower whip has an integral base

Support which attaches to the mounting structure via

A standard nato 4-hole pattern.

The antenna system has been designed to meet the Vibration, shock and service requirements of mil-std-167, Mil-s-901 and mil-std-810. Emp (electromagnetic pulse) and High voltage isolation are also incorporated into the VDB-VHF/UHF-N. The upper whip section provides high

Voltage isolation to 20kvrms providing safety to Personnel and equipment in the case of accidental strike of a high voltage source.

VDB-VHF_UHF-N Dual-Band Antenna
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