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VECM-16000 Wide Spectrum Multi-Band Antenna


  • Extremely wide bandwidth

  • Performs with or without a ground plane

  • Rugged and reliable design

  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Detailed Description

The VECM-16000 is a wide spectrum vehicular whip antenna system covering multiple frequency bands across the VHF, UHF and SHF designations. The VECM-16000 is ideally suited for cutting edge wide spectrum electronic countermeasure systems. As well, it can be used for standard VHF and UHF communications, replacing a multiple antenna configuration. The VECM-16000 antenna boasts a power handling capability of up to 100 watts and less then 3.0:1 VSWR across the entire operating band of 100 MHz to 6GHz.

The standard VECM-16000 is configured as a single input antenna, using an N-Type input connector. Future options will allow for up to three separate inputs to connect multiple radio systems.

The VECM-16000 whip comes in one piece which is comprised of stacked dipole-style antennas system with integral matching networks. The antenna is housed within a rugged fibreglass envelope. The antenna has an integrated base mount support spring which threads into an aluminum mounting flange attached to the vehicle using a standard vehicular mount.


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