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VECM-26000 Wide Spectrum Multi-Band


  • Frequency Range: 20 MHz to 6 GHz

  • VSWR: 3.5:1

  • Power Handling: 100 W Average

  • Extremely Wide Bandwidth

  • Performs with or without a Ground Plane

  • Rugged and Reliable Design

  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly

Detailed Description

The VECM-26000 is a wide spectrum vehicular whip antenna system covering multiple frequency bands across the VHF,UHF and SHF designations. The VECM-26000 is ideally suited for cutting edge wide spectrum electronic countermeasure systems. As well, it can be used for standard VHF and UHF communications, replacing a multiple antenna configuration. The VECM-26000 antenna boasts a power handling capability of up to 100 Watts and less than 3.5:1 VSWR across the entire operating band of 20 MHz to 6 GHz.

The standard VECM-26000 is configured as a signle input antenna, using an N-TYPE input connector. Future options will allow for up to three separate inputs to connect multiple radio systems.

The VECM-26000 whip comes in two pieces which easily thread togetehr to create a stacked dipole-style antenna system with integral matching networks. The antenna is housed within rugged fibreglass envelopes. The lower whip has an integrated base support spring which threads into an aluminum mounting flange attached to the vehicle using a standard vehicular mount.

The upper whip section provides high voltage isolation to 10kV providing safety to personnel and equipment in the case of an accidental strike of the antenna to an overhead powerline.


Protected by patent 7,242,367 and others pending.

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