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VMB-3512-4 Multi-Band Antenna


  • Extremely wide bandwidth

  • Performs with or without a ground plane

  • Rugged and reliable design

  • high voltage isolation for safety

  • easy assembly and disassembly

  • New multi-section assembly stores more compactly

Detailed Description

The VMB-3512-4 is a multi-band vehicular whip antenna system designed to provide VHF and UHF communications for a range of military applications, such as the JTRS program or wide spectrum counter measure systems. It is designed for use with today's cutting edge, wide-band, frequency agile radios operating within its 30-512 MHz band and can be used to replace a multiple antenna setup. The VMB-3512-4 boasts a power handling capability of 100 Watts and less than 3.5:1 VSWR across the entire operating band.

The VMB-3512-4 whip comes in three pieces which easly thread together to create a dipole-style antenna system with intergral matching networks, all housed within fibreglass envelopes. The upper and middle whip sections house the VHF portion of the antenna. The lower section adds the UHF capabilities. The lower section can be omited for VHF only use.

Typical VSWR

EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) and high voltage isolation are also incorporated into the VMB-3512-4. The upper whip section provides high voltage isolation to 20kVRMS providing safety to personnel and equipment in the case of an accidental strike of the antenna to an overhead power line. An eye protection device at the tip of the antenna provides further safety to the user.

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