VWI-FI-N Naval Antenna


  • Performs with or without a ground plane

  • Lightweight and extremely rugged design

  • Simple installation

  • Weatherproof and reliable design

Detailed Description

The VWI-FI-N is a dipole-style antenna designed to provide reliable WI-FI uplinks and downlinks for base station applications. The VWI-FI-N boasts a power handling capability of up to 25 Watts and less than 2.0:1 VSWR.

The VWI-FI-N antenna comes in a one piece construction. Dipole style radiators are sealed inside an insulating envelope with an aluminum mounting flange. A female N-Type connector is used to connect the antenna to WI-FI device VIA A suitable coaxial cable.

The entire assembly is completely weatherproof and rugged. Various other mounting and connector options may be configured upon request.

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