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14-Ft Aluminum Whip Antenna AS-3771B/U


  • Frequency Range: 4 MHz to 30 MHz

  • Power Handling: 5000 W Average

  • Minimum maintenance

  • High reliability

  • Shipboard applications

  • Weatherproof

  • PN: VD-91-00132-1

  • NSN: 5985-01-383-8572

Detailed Description

The AS-3771B/U 14 foot aluminium whip transmitting/receiving antenna is designed and built to meet the US Navy requirements for shipboard antennas. The antenna meets MIL-S-901 Grade A for shock; MIL-STD-167 for vibration.

The antenna is used with general HF communications equipment. The antenna provides vertically polarized, omni-directional azimuth reception from 4 to 30 MHz when the antenna is operated with a suitable tuning system. It may be employed for general purpose broadband communications reception from VLF to 30 MHz, or general purpose tuned transmission from 4 to 30 MHz

The antenna consists of a tapered aluminium radiating element and an integral fibreglass insulator and base mounting flange. It is a single piece antenna which has three side feed points. The integral insulator and base mounting flange is bonded to the bottom of the radiating element. A drip shield is provided just below the lower feed point.

The mechanical strength of the integral insulator and mounting flange is achieved with a patented process using high strength filament fibreglass and epoxy resin.


US PATENT: 5357261

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