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AT-197 Discone Antenna


  • Broadband

  • High power

  • Compact and light-weight

  • Easy assembly/Disassembly

  • Multiple mounting options

Detailed Description

AT-197 Discone Antenna

The AT-197/GR is a compact broadband UHF discone antenna. Its broad bandwidth capability makes it perfectly suited for signal receiving and monitoring applications as well as for use in direction finding (DF) arrays. This antenna is also ideal for omnidirectional transmitting applications requiring high power handling.

The AT-197/GR is quickly and easily assembled and disassembled. All elements are secured with integral quarter-turn fasteners. The lower elements are retained by individual chains to prevent loss.

Using an optional adapter, the antenna can also be mounted in either a standard nato 4-bolt vehicular mount or atop a vixam-40 mast

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