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Portable V-33035AM-CL2 35-Foot
Fibreglass Antenna


  • Frequency Range: 540 KHz to 1700 KHz

  • Power Handling: 2000 W Average

  • Minimum Maintenance

  • High Reliability

  • Shipboard or Land Based Applications

  • Weatherproof

Detailed Description

The Valcom Model V-33035AM/CL2 is a 35-foot fibreglass antenna and tunable coupler system designed for operation in the AM frequency band. The antenna is comprised of a base section and a coil-loaded 2nd section. Six 2nd sections are available with each one coil-loaded to provide optimum performance within a specific sub-band within the full frequency band of 540 KHz to 1700 KHz.

For applications where it is necessary to change the operating frequency within the full band, the V-33035AM/CL2 can be sold and shipped as a complete 7-piece set. For the remaining fixed-frequency applications, the antenna is sold and shipped as a 2-piece set, which includes the appropriate 2nd section.

The V-33035AM/CL2 provides vertically polarized, omni-directional radiation capable of handling power levels up to 1 KW. For higher power applications, the antenna can be purchased with an optional top termination disc which reduces the corona effects to allow for power levels up to 5 KW at certain frequencies.

An optional trailer is available to store, transport and errect the antenna system when required.

Suggested Accessories

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