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36-Ft Whip Antenna V-425, V-425 FT


  • Frequency Range: 1600 KHz to 30 MHz

  • Power Handling: 5000 W Average

  • Extra Heavy Duty

  • Ideal for Harsh Environments

  • High Reliability

  • Matches a wide range of communications systems

Detailed Description

The V-425 is a heavy duty 36 foot antenna employing robust construction and an enlarged base for use in particularly harsh environments. The antenna is intended for shipboard and other marine applications, although it is also well-suited for many land-based installations. The V-425FT is the commercial version of the AS-5085/SR antenna in use by the Canadian Navy.

It is constructed of two tapered sections which thread together. The lower section has an integral base mounting flange made of the same high strength filament fibreglass used in the antenna. For frequencies below standard HF, the base section can be made with an integral loading coil. The loading coil allows operation down to LF frequencies.

The V-425 is available in two standard configuraitons to meet various system and installations requirements. The standard model is provided with an above-the-base feed point and the optional configuration is with a base feed-through insulator. The insulator is the same as employed on Valcom's NATO antennas.

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