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VAS-1011 HF Whip Antenna


  • Frequency Range: 2 MHz to 30 MHz

  • Power Handling: 1000 W Average

  • 8 sections / 34 feet high / 20 lbs

  • Stationary / mobile applications

  • Exceptionally strong

  • Lightweight

  • Single-person assembly and erection

  • NSN: 5985-00-846-6422

Detailed Description

The Valcom Model VAS-1011 is a light weight 8 section fibreglass whip antenna for stationary or mobile communication applications. The antenna's rolled thread ferrules provide two functions:

  • positive electrical contact between sections

  • maximum mechanical strength

The VAS-1011 antenna is easily assembled and erected in minutes by a single person using only hand tightening. No exposure of any metal parts when assembled reduces the RF burn hazard in the event of casual personnel contact.

The mounting base includes a termination band with a terminal lug as the input connection to the antenna system. The exceptional strength or electrical performance of the antenna will not be degraded by environmental factors, including:

  • rain

  • salt water

  • dirt accumulation

A number of optional mounts exist for a variety of installations. Contact Valcom for the options.

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