VAS-1062 VHF Vehicular Antenna


  • Frequency Range: 108 MHz to 163 MHz

  • VSWR: less than 3.0:1

  • Power Handling: 200 W Average

  • Performs with or without a Ground Plane

  • Extremely rugged and reliable design

  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly

  • Minimum Maintenance

Detailed Description

The VAS-1062 is a VHF dipole antenna designed to provide communications for a range of military applications. It is designed for use with today's cutting edge, frequency agile radios. The VAS-1062 boasts a power handling capability of 200 Watts and less than 3.0:1 VSWR across the entire operating band of 108-163 MHz.

The VAS-1062 is designed to withstand the rough conditions characteristic to military vehicular environments. The antenna is constructed in two sections; A one piece whip and a base mount. The whip threads onto the base section to form the complete assembly. The whip portion is constructed of resin impregnated fiberglass cloth to create a light weight yet durable whip antenna. The base mount is equiped with a rugged spring which is used for absorbing impact on the whip and allowing the whip to be tied down horizontally.

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