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VDS-110 Vehicular Dipole Whip Antenna


  • Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 110 MHz

  • Power Handling: 100 W Average

  • Minimum maintenance

  • High reliability

  • Vehicular Applications

  • Lightweight

  • NSN: 5985-20-000-6885

Detailed Description

The Valcom Model VDS-110 is a VHF Dipole Whip Antenna. The VDS-110 operates in the 30 to 110 MHz frequency range. The VDS-110 is designed to withstand the rough conditions characteristic to vehicular environments.

It is constructed in three sections; a two piece whip and a base mount insulator. The two whip sections thread together using rolled thread ferrules to form the complete whip. Each section is constructed of resin impregnated fibreglass cloth to create a highly flexible yet extremely durable whip antenna.

The Valcom VDS-110's three sections are directly interchangeable with the AS-5242/U vehicular antenna system's three sections. The base mount insulator is equipped with a rugged spring which is used for absorbing impact on the whip and allowing the whip to be tied down horizontally for storage.

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