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VMB-3512-N Multi-Band Antenna


  • Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 512 MHz

  • VSWR: 3.5:1

  • Power Handling: 100 W Average

  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly

  • Performs with or without a Ground Plane

  • Rugged and Reliable Design

  • High Voltage Isolation for Safety

  • Minimum Maintenance

Detailed Description

The VMB-3512-N is a general purpose VHF/UHF broadband communications antenna system. Ideal for shipboard applications, this antenna system is a base mounted version of the VMB-3512 featuring rugged construction and rigid mounting of the whip section.

The VMB-3512-N operates in the 30 to 512 MHz frequency range with a power rating of 100 Watts. The system is constructed in three sections; A two piece whip and a base mount. The two whip sections thread together to form the complete whip assembly. Each section is constructed of resin impregnated fibreglass cloth to create a flexible yet durable whip antenna.

The antenna system has been designed to meet the vibration, shock and service requirements of MIL-STD-167, MIL-S-901 and MIL-STD-810. EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and high voltage isolation are also incorporated into the VMB-3512-N. The upper whip section provides high voltage isolation to 20kVRMS providing safety to personnel and equipment in the case of accidental strike of a high voltage source.

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