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VMT-7117 Single Broad Band Matching


  • Power Handling: 5000 W Average

  • 5KW power capacity (average)

  • Optimized for minimum VSWR

  • Off-the-shelf availability

Detailed Description

VMT-7117 Single Broad Band Matching Transformer

Valcom has been designing and producing antenna matching transformers for many years. New custom matching transformer designs are completed by Valcom's Engineering Department every year.

The VMT-7117 , one of Valcom's standard, off-the-shelf series matching transformers, provides the correct impedance match between a 50 Ohm transmitter and a 600 ohm Rhombic antenna terminated with Valcom's VTR-600 . The VMT-7117 is a matching transformer for high power (up to 5KW average power) transmitter-to-antenna matching.

The frequency or frequency band of operation of the VMT-7117 must be specified so the transformer design can be optimized for minimum VSWR for the specified operating frequency or frequency band.

Other antenna heights and configurations can also be matched, but the antenna must be specified so the optimum transformer design can be used. If a narrower frequency range is specified, the matching transformer design is chosen to match the antenna and the receiving frequency range.

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