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VTR - 600 Termination Resistor


  • VSWR: 1.2:1 Maximum

  • Lightweight

  • Lightning protection

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Designed to meet environmental conditions

  • Meets MIL-STD-810

VTR - 600 Termination Resistor

Typical Application

  • Rhombic antenna terminating resistor

  • HF frequency

  • Band 2-30MHz


The VTR-600 termination resistor is comprised of passive components used to terminate a 600-ohm antenna while dissipating the power applied to the system.

The VTR-600 will terminate a 600-ohm antenna through the HF band of 2MHz to 30MHz, when used in conjunction with a broadband matching transformer, such as Valcom's VMT-7117

The VTR-600 will dissipate 1KW of power at CW continuously for one hour and 500W continuously for extended operations.

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