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35-Ft Whip Antenna V-802 Series


  • Frequency Range: 1600 KHz to 30 MHz

  • Power Handling: 2500 W Average

  • Rugged

  • Self-supporting

  • Side-feed or Feed Through

  • Marine Versions Available

Typical Applications

  • Civil defense

  • Ground to air

  • Fast patrol boats

  • Maritime coast stations

  • Airports

  • Radio beacon monitor

  • Tactical shelters

The Valcom V-802/V-802FT is a rugged, self-supporting, medium duty 35-foot (10M) epoxy fibreglass vertical antenna. It is capable of operation up to 5 KW peak power over the frequency range of 1.6 to 30 MHz, and reduced power down to 800 KHz.

Detailed Description

It consists of two sections:

  • a top section

  • a combined bottom section and base insulator


The pedestal base is actually a smooth continuation of the high tensile strength fibers that comprise the bottom section, forming an exceptionally strong assembly with excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics. With its integral base insulator, it is much lighter and stronger than the obsolete brass and porcelain type insulator.

Suggested Accessories

BBMT-50 and BBMT-70 Broad Band (Receiving) Matching Transformers

VGP - 10 Gin pole

VGS - 36100 Ground Screen

VHB - 12 Hinge Plate

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