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VHB - 12 Hinge Plate

Detailed Description

Valcom's VHB-12 hinge plate is constructed of 3/8 thick galvanized steel. It is used to facilitate in the erection and dismantling of Valcom's V-802 whip antenna.

VHB - 12 Hinge Plate

The following are supplied as loose items:

  1. Capscrew, hex hd, 1/2-13 x 3-1/2 L, zinc/pl steel, qty: 6

  2. Flatwasher, 1/2 nom, zinc/pl steel, qty: 12

  3. Washer, lock-spring, helical, 1/2 nom, zinc/pl steel, qty: 6

  4. Nut, hex, 1/2-13, zinc/pl steel, qty: 6

Quick Reference Data

VHB - 12 Hinge Plate Quick Reference Data
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