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49-Ft V-147-CL2-TH Antenna Series


  • Frequency Range: 100 KHz to 4.5 MHz

  • Power Handling: 1000 W Average

  • Coil loaded

  • High efficiency

  • High strength fibreglass base

Typical Applications

  1. AM Broadcasting Stations 540 to 1700 kHz (where height is restricted)

  2. Airport and Marine Non-Directional Beacons

  3. Traveller Information Services (TIS)

Detailed Description

The Valcom Model V-147-CL2-TH is a heavy duty, field proven, high reliability, coil-loaded. 49-foot whip antenna. The base and second section are inductively loaded to the resonant frequency specified by the customer.

This antenna incorporates notable features of two field-proven Valcom antennas:

  1. Base section of the Canadian naval whip antenna AS-5085/SR

  2. Loading section design of Valcom's low frequency whip antenna V-33070

Pedestal Base

The pedestal base mounts the antenna to its foundation. The base is made of a continuation of the same high strength filament fibreglass used in the antenna. The result is an integral base insulator with exceptional electrical and mechanical properties.

Power handling capabilities are improved while eliminating the weight of conventional brass and porcelain insulators. The shape transmits the bending moment evenly to the base mounting bolts.

Two Standard Configurations

  1. The V-147-CL2-TH is available with a number of optional configurations to meet various system and installation requirements.

  2. Optional configurations include:

  • Side-feed or feed-through models

  • 44 to 49 ft heights ( useful for 50 ft height restrictions where tower is installed )

  • With or without Top Hat radials

  • With or without loading coil


For the feed-through model, a heavy duty galvanized steel tower VTGS-20BH is available in two-foot increments up to eight feet. These towers are used with both models to clear obstructions and the snow line.

Suggested Accessories

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