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VTGS - 20 Steel Tower


  • Rugged galvanized steel construction

  • Hinged base secures with locking pin and bolts

  • Integral ladder on gin pole side

  • Accepts VGP-10 or VGP-17 Gin Pole

  • Available up to eight feet high in two-foot increments

Detailed Description

The VTGS-20BH series of steel towers provides a very convenient method of installing and erecting four Valcom antenna series:

VTGS - 20 Steel Tower

These are intended for use with either the VGP-10 or the VGP-17 Gin Pole, depending on antenna height, available separately. In addition to easing antenna installation, these towers are used to:

  • achieve ground clearance to avoid snow build-up

  • provide means of mounting auxiliary equipment

A "Tower MTG Kit" is available to facilitate the mounting of couplers or other equipment.

Quick Reference Data

VTGS-20BH is the standard model number for Valcom's heavy duty steel hinged tower. The antenna mounting plate comes in four different configurations, as shown below.

Substitute "X" in the model number for the mounting plate that is required. Substitute "Y" in the model number for the height of tower required in two-foot increments.

Unless otherwise specified, the standard nominal height is four feet (1.2 M).

To view Foundation Details, please click here.

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